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Concrete Garden Candles - The Origin Story

  Being productive and valued in society is a modern obsession, but an age-old concept. We are often judged by our skill multiplied by our contribution: what we can do by how useful that is! This unnecessary pressure to live up to an inflated standard can cause stress and anxiety and jade people’s perspective of reality.  Bottom line - life is not a to-do list; it’s supposed to be fun, at least sometimes… it’s supposed to be more like a bucket list!   My name is Char, and I am the founder of Concrete Garden Candles; a candle décor company dedicated to creating intentional spaces that satisfy both visual and aromatic senses. I left my corporate career about 4 years ago...

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When I first started this business, the idea of designing my own space was such a foreign concept to me. Go figure, huh? I rented my entire adult life and often shared small spaces. I just couldn't connect investing time into something like decorating when ultimately, the experience was going to be temporary. But as I started building this business, I was forced to explore the elements that make up the candle and how it impacts our senses. Here are some examples I found: The Fragrance - The smell of aromatic scents can transport you to a special memory or place.  The Style - The comfort that stems from visual cues of how a candle looks on its own or in the...

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Sweet Exhale: Use Rest As Your Secret Weapon

Now, I can go on and on about this topic. I grew up trying too hard and then as an adult, entered into the New York workforce - where even the dudes on the street have an extra hustle. Whew-wee! The grind is REAL. After being burned out, sick, mildly depressed a couple of times, I started to take this resting thing more seriously. So here are a few things that I do that helps me exhale sweetly and then, grind more effectively. 1. Know the number of hours of sleep you need to get. I need 7 hours at least (don't judge me). Otherwise, I am cranky, not focused, less beautiful - it's just a mess. I realize that a lot...

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