Concrete Garden Candles - The Origin Story

Concrete Garden Candles - The Origin Story


Being productive and valued in society is a modern obsession, but an age-old concept. We are often judged by our skill multiplied by our contribution: what we can do by how useful that is! This unnecessary pressure to live up to an inflated standard can cause stress and anxiety and jade people’s perspective of reality. 

Bottom line - life is not a to-do list; it’s supposed to be fun, at least sometimes… it’s supposed to be more like a bucket list! 

 My name is Char, and I am the founder of Concrete Garden Candles; a candle décor company dedicated to creating intentional spaces that satisfy both visual and aromatic senses. I left my corporate career about 4 years ago to pursue how to restructure my life to build in more room for personal enjoyment. This business was born during that exploration and I ultimately transitioned from bored and sad to courageous and excited about my life.

The concept of Concrete Garden Candles comes from merging two pop culture references: the concrete jungle (where life is wild and the hustle game is strong) and The Secret Garden (where healing is a central theme). These ideas resonated with me because my life’s responsibilities had become so overwhelming that being intentional about creating a safe space to escape was key for my self-preservation.

I noticed that other people in my network were having similar experiences. They were feeling overwhelmed or constantly tired. I decided to do something to let them know they were not alone. These candles are my way of saying ‘I see you, your efforts are not in vain. Rest but then get going again’. 

So, to convey these sentiments, I provide a distinctive candle for each routine or habit that occurs either at home or in the office. I was mindful in curating and creating fragrances, vessels, and waxes that complement each other so that you could have a range of options to create an ambiance that fits your personality and enhances your mood. CGC candle décor is intended to help you create more comfortable spaces, whether you are working or relaxing.

The reality for many of us is that we can’t always go away on vacation to heal, rest or enjoy ourselves. A fitting solution in the meantime is often a staycation- where we intentionally transform our existing space into a relaxing retreat for our mind and body.  We can appreciate where we are, while building towards abundant futures.

At the end of the day, even though I shifted to living a little bit more at ease, my life responsibilities didn’t shrink. They actually grew, but using tools, such as CGCs candles, to create spaces that I can enjoy, impacted for the better how I perceived the quality of life that I am building. I am having a more holistic and authentic experience and I hope our brand helps others shift in this same way so that all our journeys are appreciated for their unique beauty and prove to be as rewarding as accomplishing our goals.

Thank you for reading! Do not forget to browse our candle collections here & to follow us on Instagram @concretegardencandles!

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