Hi! I am Char, the founder of Concrete Garden Candles. I created this brand to find a way to connect with people on how we re-invest time, fun, and all the good stuff back into our lives and those lives that are around us. I love the idea of doing that by how we curate our home and office spaces.

Our candles are fun to make and we hope fun to enjoy. Our collection consist of unique pieces thatΒ that fit your mood, style, and budget.

Currently, we offer 10+ candle decor pieces, both hand-poured and hand-crafted, that are available in 19+ scents. Each scent is inspired by a habit or routine we observed our consumer base might live out at home or in their office/studio.

Ultimately, we want to provide a fun and functional way of reminding people to take care of themselves and don't forget to smell the roses...and in this case, smell the candles.

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