When I first started this business, the idea of designing my own space was such a foreign concept to me. Go figure, huh?
I rented my entire adult life and often shared small spaces.
I just couldn't connect investing time into something like decorating when ultimately, the experience was going to be temporary.
But as I started building this business, I was forced to explore the elements that make up the candle and how it impacts our senses.
Here are some examples I found:
The Fragrance - The smell of aromatic scents can transport you to a special memory or place. 
The Style - The comfort that stems from visual cues of how a candle looks on its own or in the full set of décor for a space is like eye candy.
The Burn - How the light from the wick of the candle flickers rhythmically and transforms how a space looks and feels.
All of these sensory effects had real emotional and mental power!
It just started to make sense: 
Décor is just a collection of items that represent who you are.
What is most profound to me:
When you are intentional about curating them in the space you are in, décor sets the stage to allow you to breath a little easier.
Let's be intentional. xx

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