Working From Home: Candlemaker's Perspective

Working From Home: Candlemaker's Perspective

Even when working, mood and ambiance matters. 

Concrete Making Worksuit Mask and Glasses

Generally, it is a normal for all of us to have to juggle multiple responsibilities at the same time that are vastly different and all important. This limits though how much we can really give to those spaces because time and energy is tight.

However, it is a special moment when time can block off in a real way, to have all the resources needed to complete your tasks, and to have the autonomy & confidence to get the job done. Ugh, I love these moments.

My work outfit

Candle-making Flow

Candle making is a lot of science, but it also relies on feeling. This directly aligns with how many people experience burning candles. The very purpose of lighting a candle is to activate a feeling or create a mood. It helps us enjoy the moment by activating our senses.

Similarly, I use multiple sensory functions to make my candles so that they generate a multiple sensory experience when used. Because of this, it’s important to for me to create ambiance while I work and to organize my space in a way that allows my energy to flow freely.

Now if you have been reading the other blogs, then you know I live in a small NY apartment. Since my home is also my workspace, my daily routine includes converting my home into my studio.

I clear the kitchen counters which usually has remnants of last night’s meal or my personal happy hour. I also clear my extra tables of any candles remaining from the day before. I’ll use a putty knife to scrape up any dried wax on those tables and wipe them down with wet wipes.

Depending on what I’m doing that day, I also might have to set up my casting tent that I use for making the concrete items. It’s my way of containing the beautiful mess that can occur as I mix and pour the concrete.
I also clean the sink and stovetop. I use a separate sponge and set of pots for candles. I clean the items reserved for cooking and get them out of the way.

I’ll set up my cooling racks for new candles, get empty candle containers, and wick them up. Viola! my kitchen and living room become my lab.

My Concrete Making tent

I use pretty much all the countertop spaces for production so I usually do my computer work in my office, aka on the couch! But it’s nice because it provides a mini break from whipping around the house (either pouring wax, clearing boxes, or cleaning my tools, or any number of tasks required of a home-based candlemaker).

Coffee Pumpkin and Vase Before Work dayI also need a little white noise (yes, even in New York). So, I put on the tv, for background play music or a show. I like to play jazz, oldies, or R&B if Im in a music mood. On TV days, I like to watch romance movies, period pieces, Disney, or crime shows (I know that the last one can seem off, but don’t judge me). The best shows for uninterrupted workflow are ones that I can casually watch while in and out of concentration mode.

Before I get started with the candles for that day, I eat breakfast, get make my iced coffee, light a candle, and then I flow

Can you can relate?…How do you set up your workspace either at home or in your office or studio? What puts you in your zone and allows you to flow?

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