Brush Up On Your Candle Terminology

This is for the sophisticated. Check out these common terms related to candles.
Afterglow: The glow that occurs to the wick after a candle is blown out.Ā 
Accord: A blend of different ingredients (or notes) that collectively produce a unique fragrance.
Top Note: Scents that are made up of small molecules that evaporate quickly. Usually, a person smells these scents in the candle immediately and they are also the first to burn in a candle.Ā 
Middle Note: Scents that are the main body of a fragrance. When burning candles, these scents are the strongest.
Base Note: Scents that are made up of the heaviest molecules. These scents usually linger after a candle is burned.
Hot Throw: The scent that emits while a candle is burning.
Cold Throw: The scent that emits when the candle is not burning.
Melt Pool: The amount of wax that has melted while burning a candle.
Mushrooming: The carbon that builds up on the wick after burning a candle.
Ā So there you go! Now you can floss on your folks!Ā 

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