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Concrete Garden Candles

Dark Horse Bliss - Tonka & Amaretto Pillar Wax Candle

Dark Horse Bliss - Tonka & Amaretto Pillar Wax Candle

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Candles are more than just a way to create ambiance in your home. They can be used to boost your mood, change the energy in a room, or simply make you feel cozy and relaxed. Aqua Bliss was created with the intention of providing all of those benefits and more.

This palm and soy wax candle has a beautiful artisan concrete base and is one of a kind piece that was designed and crafted by the owner. When burned, it will last for over 60 hours, filling your space with the intoxicating scent of tea rose, lavender leaves, amber, and vetiver.

Not only does Aqua Bliss look amazingĀ in any carefully curated space, but it also provides endless hours of enjoyment. Whether you're using it to wind down after a long day or setting the mood for anĀ intimate night in, this candle is sure to become one of your favorites.

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