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Concrete Garden Candles

On The Coast - Rose and Lily Soy Candle

On The Coast - Rose and Lily Soy Candle

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"On The Coast" is the perfect candle for when you need a little escape. Whether you're hanging out by yourself, enjoying your self-care routine, or meditating and journaling, the sweet aroma of a floral & citrus medley will transport you to your own tropical beachside. With top notes of ozone and mandarin, heart notes of rose and lily, and base notes of amber, powder, and honey, this candle is sure to fill your space with its sweet and soothing aroma. So why not light up "On The Coast" and let yourself drift away?
Best for

This candle is hanging out by yourself, enjoying your self-care routines, or meditation & journaling.

Fragrance Accord

Top Notes: Ozone, Mandarin

Heart Notes: Rose, Lily

Base Notes: Amber, Powder, Honey

Hot Throw Strength: 


Tealight Details

Type: Votive/Tealight
Wax: Soy Wax
Fragrances: Seasonal options (15+ fragrances overall)
Style: Gold metallic tin
Dimensions: 1 inch tall x 1.5 inch diameter
Amount: 0.6 oz
Burn Time: 3 - 4 hours
Made in New York

Each tealight is packaged in a mylar bag with a clear window.

These tealights will add some extra glam and romance to any home décor. The dainty gold tins are the perfect way to inject some whimsical vibes into your space.

Whether you use them to accentuate an intimate space such as your bathroom or incorporate them into your design for a special event, their miniature size and brush-finished gold exterior will definitely add that touch of chic you’re looking for.

The Travel Details

Type: Small Candle Tin
Wax: Soy Wax
Fragrances: Seasonal options (15+ fragrances overall)
Style: Gold Tin
Dimensions: 1.5 inch tall x 2 inch
Amount: 2 oz
Burn Time: 10+ hours
Made in New York

The Travel is the perfect compact candle to take with you when you are on-the-go!

This chic candle comes in a matte gold tin and has a burn time of over 10 hours making it the best for placing in your carry-on bag for a long flight or road trip.

Made from all-natural soy wax, The Travel Candle is available in 17 different scents, so you can find the perfect scents that suit your ranging moods.

Whether you are looking for a fresh and invigorating scent to welcome them home after a long journey, or a relaxing and soothing aroma to wind down with before bed, you will find it with The Travel Candle.

You have the benefit of trying a few different scents to create your own personal oasis, wherever you are in the world.

The Signature Details

Type: Small Candle Vessel
Wax: Soy Wax
Fragrances: Seasonal options (15+ fragrances overall)
Style: Clear Glass + Top + Label
Dimensions: 2.75 in x 2.38 inches approx.
Amount: 4 oz
Burn Time: 20 + hours
Made in New York

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy a cozy and fragrant home, no matter their situation. That’s why we created The Signature, our staple candle, for people who live in small or uncomfortable spaces.

Being based out of New York, Concrete Garden Candles was birthed in these types of shared and tight homes. We wanted to provide a functional candle for these situations that still burns well and smells great.

The Signature provides a burn of 20 + hours and its throw can pleasantly fill up cozy spaces allowing time for your customers to enjoy their own oasis. So explore our collection and find the candles that help your customers create that escape.

The Copper Details

Type: Standard Candle Vessel
Wax: Soy Wax
Fragrances: Seasonal options (15+ fragrances overall)
Style: Copper Plated Glass + Top
Dimensions: 2.98 in x 3.53 inches approx.
Amount: 8 oz
Burn Time: 30+ hours
Made in New York

At first glance, the Copper with its minimalist design seems like just another candle. But as you get closer and inspect it more closely, there is something special about the copper-plated glass piece that makes your home or office feel complete!

The reflective surface of these 8-ounce size candles amplifies whatever decor items are around them, making them perfect additions no matter how big (or small) one's space may be.

The Concrete Details

Type: Medium Concrete Vessel
Wax: Soy Wax
Fragrances: Seasonal options (15+ fragrances overall)
Style: Hand-crafted Concrete + Concrete Lid
Dimensions: 4.125 inches x 3.5 inches approx.
Amount: 10 oz
Burn Time: 40+ hours
Made in New York

This handcrafted artisan vessel is striking even in its simplicity and provides a touch of edge to your home style. The thick walls of this particular piece, made with such skillful detail that you can see all the hard work behind it; This candle decor is best used as a showcase or display decor for those who love their space a little bit more sophisticated.

The Circle Details

Type: Large Candle Vessel
Wax: Soy Wax
Fragrances: Seasonal options (15+ fragrances overall)
Style: Copper Tin + Top
Dimensions: 5.6 x 2.1 inches approx.
Amount: 14 oz
Burn Time: 50+ hours
Made in New York

We all know that feeling when you just want to curl up on the couch and watch your favorite show or be on your favorite app. But what if your space could give you that same feeling of warmth and coziness? With The Circle, it can.

This beautiful soy wax candle comes in a luxurious copper tin that will add a touch of coziness to any room. When you light it, the soft, flickering light will create a relaxing ambiance that's perfect for unwinding after a long day or week.

The soy wax slowly melts into a pool of liquid gold, making it the perfect accessory for your coffee table or mantle. The three-wick design ensures evenly distributed fragrance throughout your space.

The Circle is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy life's simple pleasures. Take a look at collection and indulge yourself with this scented candle.

The Polygon Details

Type: Large Candle Vessel
Wax: Soy Wax
Fragrances: Seasonal options (15+ fragrances overall)
Style: Mercury Glass
Amount: 15 oz
Burn Time: 60+ hours
Top Diameter, 3.3 in
Outer/Widest Diameter, 4.64 in
Bottom Diameter, 2.28 in
Height, 4.17 in
Made in New York

The Polygon is a mercury glass candle like no other. With over 60+ hours of burning time, it is sure to add a unique and futuristic element to any home or office space.

As the candle burns, light will pulse rhythmically and cast dancing shadows on your walls. It's sure to create a calm and serene atmosphere – perfect for relaxing or decompressing after a long day.

The Polygon makes a great decoration even when it's not lit, and its functional use is sure to make it a favorite in any space. Class up your homes or offices with this one-of-a-kind candle!

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