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How it Works


Review our Product Selection

We carefully hand craft candles to fit our clients' brand aesthetic and quality expectations. This means for us helping our clients source candle decor that their customers fall in love with. Each of our candle pieces have a story that we hope connects in a real way. Learn more about our product selection here. 


Select the Candle Design

Concrete Garden Candles is a minimalist brand with a great appreciation for natural materials, like glass, metal, and concrete. We design our candles to make a statement that is cohesive with many types of curated spaces, whether home, office, hotels or beyond. Our goal is to provide options that are natural, stylish, and functional so that pieces can be well used and re-purposed. Learn more about candle design options here. 



Select Candle Fragrances

We encourage our clients to explore our uniquely curated fragrance listing. It consists of a range of aromas that we believe evoke beautiful memories and emotions. This is so important to how our client's customers experience their space. Each fragrance has been rigorously tested to ensure maximum performance during burning. Our clients can also enjoy unscented candle decor options, if so desired. Explore our 15+ fragrance listing here.




Select the Quantity of Candles

The needs of our clients often depend on their purpose, whether they are brick and mortar retailers, reselling through e-commerce, or simply, buying gifts in bulk (for a wedding, baby shower, and so on). However, we know the one consistent need for our clients is a good deal. That is why we offer the best pricing for bulk candle purchases. Check out our pricing matrix based on quantity and design type here.


Order and Wait for Package

Our clients can order via our website, here. 

To ensure the best of quality for our candle pieces, our clients should expect 2 weeks turnaround time at minimum. 




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If more consideration is needed, we provide sample fragrance packages that can be purchased here.

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