How to Design your Own Candle Favors With Our Live Preview Design Studio

How to Design your Own Candle Favors With Our Live Preview Design Studio


This is a tutorial of how to create your own customizable candle. 

You can access the page to start your process here: Custom Candles

Or, from the Home Page, you can access the Customize Studio from the ‘Custom’ button in the navigation menu at the top. 

Click ‘Personalize & Add to Cart’.

When you click the ‘Personalize & Add to Cart Button, a set of tabs will appear. Each tab represents a step in the process to create your personalized candles See below for a quick description on each.



1A. TEMPLATES - These are pre-designed labels that range from wedding, baby shower, to graduation themed. Best for those who are short on time or do not want to fuss over designing a label. 

1B. UPLOAD IMAGE - This option allows you to upload your own designed label. We have a template available for you from Canva to make it a bit easier for you to create your own special label. Note, you should use the TEMPLATES or UPLOAD IMAGE.

2. LABEL TEXTURE - This feature allows you to select the texture of your label.

3. FRAGRANCE - This tab allows you to select up to 3 fragrances

4. QUANTITY - This tab gives you the price breakdown per unit. You can manually enter the amount you want to order in the quantity box.

5. SUMMARY - This is the final table and will show you all the details of your order.

If you need to make edits you can select the appropriate tab and adjust as needed.


As mentioned before, you can choose 1A TEMPLATES to use a label we have pre-designed for you or 1B UPLOAD IMAGE to use your own designed label.

To use our pre-designed labels, make sure to click 1A TEMPLATES. A drop-down called ‘Label Design’ will appear. From there, you can click any of the options available and that option will populate in our Live Preview. 

See the screenshot below for an example of a template label and the Live Preview feature.

You can instead decide to upload your own label. To upload your own label, make sure to click 1B UPLOAD IMAGE.  

If you have design skills, feel free to do what you do best! When you are ready for upload, use our Canva template to get the right sizing and shape of your label. ( is a user-friendly design app that can be used for free). Here’s the link to the template: Canva Design Template. See example below.

To download, do the following:

  1. Click the ‘Share’ button

  2. Make sure ‘File Type’ is PNG

  3. Make sure there is a checkmark next to “Transparent background’

  4. Make sure there is a checkmark next to “Save this download settings’’ (Do this just in case you want to upload more of your designed labels!)

  5. Finally, click “Download’

Your label is now ready to upload into our software!

To upload your design, drag the file into the rectangle below “UPLOAD YOUR IMAGE’ (numbered as 1 in the screenshot below). There are some additional options to delete or adjust your image (numbered as 2 in the screenshot below). If you use our Canva template, you should not have to use the adjusting options. For help, you can also reach out to use here


Next, click the LABEL TEXTURE tab. The drop-down box shows  two options currently: 1) White Textured Paper (this paper label has texture and gives an antique aesthetic) 2) White Glossy Vinyl (this label is made of vinyl, is waterproof, and removable.This label gives an polished aesthetic). Select the texture that fits your vision!


After you have decided on your Label Texture, click the FRAGRANCES tab. You can select up to three (3) fragrances. (Additional Note: All fragrance oils are tested by our suppliers to remove the harmful chemicals). For more details on the fragrance profiles, see here.


Next, select the ‘4. Quantity’ tab. Here you will see a breakdown of prices per amount of candles you would like (numbered as 2 in the screenshot below). Enter the number of candles you want in the Amount section (numbered as 2 in the screenshot below).


Once complete, click the final tab “Summary” to see the details of your order. Please review all details before adding to cart. If you are satisfied with your review, click ‘Add to Cart’ (numbered as 3 in the screenshot below). You can also at any time, start over with the process by clicking the ‘Reset’ button (numbered as 2 in the screenshot below) or click any of the tabs and adjusting your preferences.

Once you add your newly designed candles to cart, you can go review those details in your cart as shown below.


We allow a maximum of 24 hours for any additional edits or cancellations of your order. You can reach out to us via our contact page here. Please include your order number and details. 

Please allow between 2-3 weeks to process your order. If you need your order sooner, again, please contact us through our contact page here.  

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